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Project Based Learning design and implementation

Using what we are learning to accomplish things that matter is an effective pedagogical model for anyone. Engagement goes up, community involvement goes up, learning becomes a real pathway with real purpose, visible to all. Win-win-win-win...

See images from a project-based learning workshop delivered in Surat, India during September of 2019.

A note re: "Project Based Learning (PBL) &/vs. Challenge Based Learning (CBL)"

  • Both models have at their hearts the engagement of learners in real work. They both understand that learning in isolation, with the primary purpose being the passing of the test, is not only far less than engaging for many learners, but patently ineffective in achieving the results of deep learning and retention of knowledge. 
  • I've worked with both models, and engaged with the folks who have designed them, and have chosen to use "PBL" in describing my work as it is the more widely used term, though everyone should become aware of the CBL model through the link below.

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"Project Based Leadership" Development

You already know that "...leadership is critical." And that leadership teams exist at all levels - administration, teachers, students, community. I'm ready to help your leadership teams become more effective in their efforts to grow creative and effective uses of technology that can support increased engagement and accomplishment for all members of your school community.

By applying the PBL model to leadership, those leading the drive for pedagogical improvements, for increased effectiveness in the classroom (and beyond) use of technology, have experience in the very model that is transforming the learning experiences of all students.

And to top it off, it works. PBL is effective for learners; it is also effective for school leadership.

Because you know, what's good for the goose...

Keynote Presentations

For over a quarter century I've been part of leading-edge educational technology innovations,  I know what works. And what doesn't. I look forward to translating those experiences into inspirational calls to action that will inform and energize teams of all sizes.   

Literacy through Publication

I can help your students and teachers become published authors, and lay the foundations for making publication to authentic audiences a core component of your literacy program. 

Working with teachers in advance, we'll make sure content is in process when I arrive. Working through the editing and layout processes, I'll leave behind  empowered and inspired authors and the knowledge and skills to carry on publishing books! 

See some ideas others (teachers and learners) have used to engage in publication in my blog post titled, "Publishing a book can provide a local purpose to literacy".

Professional Learning has to be 

effective and affordable. 

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